June 10, 2005   


Project Plant is an organization founded in December 1984 to make the City of Athens a more attractive place to live and to do business. Project Plant's five large traffic island gardens at Athens City entrances, plus the Mansfield House gardens at the Athens County Convention and Visitor's Bureau, greet everyone in the City. We also have several smaller gardens in public spaces throughout the City including a City parking lot garden on Columbia started by the Second Street neighborhood.

Project Plant hires Thyme and Again Gardens to plant and maintain all the gardens noted above, and volunteers help weekly at Mansfield House. Most of the funding for this unusual project comes from Athens citizens who support these gardens through contributions. Project Plant also gets funding from Tourism monies.

This fall we will start small naturalizing gardens along three of the long, wooden stairs that connect ridge-top streets to streets below in hilly Athens. Funded by a 2005 Athens Foundation grant, the project will include spring flowering bulbs along the path, plus native wild flowers and other naturalizing plants, clustered near the mid-point of each set of stairs.